Fisher Snowplows: HT Series

Fisher Snowplows HT Series

As half-ton pickup truck manufacturers reduce vehicle weight in their quest for increased fuel efficiency, plowers struggle to find a legitimate, rugged, hard-working snowplow that matches their vehicle specifications.

That's why Fisher Engineering developed the sleek new HT Series snowplow. Targeted specifically for today's half-ton 4WD pickup trucks, the Fisher® HT Series snowplow is a full-size, full-featured snowplow with the strength to handle standard-duty commercial, institutional and extended-use homeowner applications.

And since it's built by Fisher Engineering, it's backed by a 60-year heritage of top product performance and unmatched customer loyalty.


Fisher Snowplow HT Series
  • 75-degree attack angle provides improved scraping and better back dragging.
  • 15-1/2-inch curl radius improves snow rolling action.
  • 6 vertical ribs and a full-length horizontal tube provide extra stability and strength to the core of the blade.
  • A pair of vertical compression trip springs deliver trip-edge protection.
  • Exclusive scrape lock feature hydraulically locks the blade down for clean scraping and back dragging.
  • Covered hydraulic system provides protection from the elements.


Fisher Snowplow HT Series

Blade Width: 7'6"
Blade Height: 27"
Blade Gauge: 14
Trip Springs: 2
Ribs: 6+Tube
Angling Rams: 1½" x 8"
Plowing Width (full angle): 6'7"
Approx. Weight (less mount): 414#
Wear Shoes (cast iron): optional
Optional Cutting Edge: 3/8" x 6" steel - 1/2" x 6" steel - 1" x 6" poly

All plows include: Low-profile, dual beam halogen headlamps with combination park/turn signal lights that conform to federal safety standards and E-Force Isolation Module for improved long term performance of the light system. Vehicle light switch activates plow lights — no separate in-cab switch is needed.

More Information

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