Fisher Snowplows: XLS Series

Fisher Snowplows XLS Series

From an 8-foot retracted straight blade width, to the 10-foot expanded width, to a scoop width of over 9 feet, and a more effective windrowing configuration, the Fisher® XLS delivers a new level of profitable performance in every plowing situation.

The wide scoop position simply carries more snow. Plus, the XLS fully angles in the scoop position to maximize handling and capacity when cornering or plowing around obstacles.

Fisher Snowplows XLS Series

The XLS features Fisher's Minute Mount® 2 — the easiest and most trouble-free attachment system available.The under carriage and electrical connections are compatible with other style Fisher plows for added fleet flexibility.

With Fisher's Trip-Edge design, only the blade edge trips back when an obstacle is encountered. Since the blade and wings stay upright, you don't lose the load.

Hand-held control with backlit directional buttons provides precise response. Individual buttons control each blade and wing function.

Fisher Snowplows XLS Series


Blade Width (Retracted): 8'
Blade Width (Extended): 10'
Blade Width (Scoop): 8'10"
Blade Width @ Full Angle: 86" / 108" / 95"
Blade Height: 29"
Blade Gauge: 12
Trip Springs: 4
Ribs: Blade Center - 6 Full; 2 Half Blade Wings - 1 Full Each Wing
Angling Rams: 1 1/2" x 10"
Approx. Weight Complete: 1000#
(plus vehicle mount - average 60#)
Blade Shoes: optional
Cutting Edge: 1/2" x 6" Top Punch (optional)
Wing Cutting Edge: 1 1/2" x 8" Polyurethane

All plows include: Low-profile, dual beam halogen headlamps with combination park/turn signal lights that conform to federal safety standards and E-Force Isolation Module for improved long term performance of the light system. Vehicle light switch activates plow lights — no separate in-cab switch is needed.

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