This line of Fisher® tailgate spreaders features a low profile design which provides an unobstructed rear view from the cab of the vehicle. All Models are ideal for spreading dry #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and other ice melting materials.

Model 500

Fisher Spreader Low-Profile 500

The Fisher® Low Profile Model 500 tailgate spreader is designed for compact pick-ups or SUVs with a class III trailer hitch. Features include: poly hopper with 5 cu. ft. capacity (up to 225 lbs.), built-in 2" hitch mount sealed 12V DC motor and direct drive auger poly spinner, hopper cover and ratchet straps are included, optional adjustable deflector, choose an on/off/blast switch or variable speed control.

Model 1000

Fisher Spreader Low-Profile 1000

The Fisher® Model 1000 economy tailgate spreader features a low profile, high-density polyethylene hopper with 8 cu. ft. capacity (400 lbs.). It comes with a 10" diameter spinner, powder-coated steel auger and agitator and a 12V, DC motor mounted inside a sealed housing in the hopper.

Model 2500

Fisher Spreader Low-Profile 2500

The new Model 2500 offers ice control professionals the ultimate in convenience and performance. Standard features include 9.5 cu ft low-profile, high density polyethylene hopper, 12V DC high-torque motor located in a sealed housing in the hopper, 15" polyurethane spinner disk, adjustable feed gate with material flow shut-off, adjustable material deflectors, Class IV trailer hitch mount with nylon ratchet straps and a molded polyethlene cover.


Spreader Hopper Construction Approx. Wt. Empty Capacity Height x Width x Length Motor Size Spinner Size Material Vehicle Application
Model 500 Polyethylene 75 lbs. w/o mounts 5 cu.ft. 34" x 39" x 21" 1/3 HP 10" Salt Vehicles with Class III Hitch
Model 1000 Polyethylene 105 lbs. w/o mounts 8 cu.ft. 35" x 50-1/2" x 19-1/2" 1/3 HP 10" Salt Full Size Trucks
Model 2500 Polyethylene 105 lbs. with mounts 9.5 cu.ft. 40" x 50" x 25" 1/3 HP 15" Salt Full Size Trucks


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