Fisher Spreader Poly-Caster

The new POLY-CASTER spreader line combines a low-maintenance rust-proof double-wall poly hopper with a smooth, quiet electric-drive system for the ultimate in de-icing performance. It effectively spreads all ice control materials including salt, sand, a salt/sand mix or even wet sand. And the POLY-CASTER spreader comes loaded with more standard features to enhance operator efficiency and convenience.

Available in three sizes (1.5 cu. yd., 1.8 cu. yd., 2.5 cu. yd.), there's a POLY-CASTER spreader ready to meet your ice control needs.

Unique Features

Fisher Spreader Poly-Caster

Exclusive adjustable-height poly spinner/chute assemble accommodates both pickup truck and flatbed applications. It features a rust-proof high-performance 15 1/2" poly spinner. The unit stands on end, making removal from the truck easier and minimizing the space required for off-season storage.

Proven pintle chain conveyor design delivers reliable, smooth, consistent material flow. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel conveyor housing provides added strength and rigidity.

Variable-speed control uses multiplexing technology which provides self-diagnostics via LEDs, including hopper empty notification.

Spinner & Drive

Fisher Spreader Poly-Caster

Dual, independent electric conveyor motor and spinner motor provide independent control of the conveyor and spinner to precisely match material delivery and spread pattern to conditions. You get reliable, instant starts every time with no gas engine to maintain.


All models have are constructed of polyethylene, have a Spreading Width of 2' - 40', Spinner Size of 15-12" poly, Conveyor Width of 16-3/4", and spread both sand & salt.

Body Size Overall Length x
Width x Height
Hopper Weight
Vehicle Application
7' 108" x 63" x 44" 591 1.5 3/4 & 1 Ton
8' 117" x 63" x 44" 660 1.8 3/4 & 1 Ton
8' 117" x 63" x 51" 734 2.5 Dump Body or Flatbed Trucks


More Information

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